Krak’d E’rth Productions prices its services based on the size and hours needed to complete each project.


On smaller-mid sized projects we require a 50% deposit once the concept has been approved and data files provided by the client. The balance is due prior to release of production-ready files.

On larger or long-term projects with multiple stages of deliverables, we require the same 50% deposit prior to starting work, but break up the fee schedule based on deliverables. A retainer is usually applied to the end of the project, too.


We accept wire (bank) transfer for overseas clients, a business check or money order by mail for businesses within the United States.

We also accept Amazon Payments.

Note that any and all fees for wire transfer, Amazon Payments Deductions, or check processing will be responsibility of the client, and any outstanding balance due to said fees will be added to the final bill.

We do not accept PayPal, as that service has been frequently plagued with hackers and user account security is often compromised.

For specific pricing, please contact us.

General Pricing:

All Hourly Pricing options are rounded down to the nearest 15 minutes

  • Graphic Design Work: $25/hr
    Includes: Logos and Branding, Posters and Flyers, Business Cards and Letterhead, Package Design, POP Graphics, etc.
  • Theatrical Promotional Design: $25/hr for Equity Theatres, $15/hr for Non-Profits
  • Website Design Work: $30/hr
    Includes: Server configuration, Coding, any and all Graphic Design Work for the website.
  • Merchandise Design Work: $30/hr
    the Base cost of merchandise on which the design is screen-printed or embroidered.
  • 3D Modeling Design: $35/hr
  • 3D Animation: $35/hr plus $10/minute of rendered video
  • Copy Writing & Editing: $20/hr
  • Slogan & Jingle Writing: $10/word
  • Videography, Filming, & Editing footage of your professional or private events: $20/hr
  • Acting / Voice work: Negotiable by Contract

    Any additional fees and costs associated with design work are subject to change and will be presented prior to start of work.