Kmart 30th Anniversary – Poster Design

In 2003, having previously worked for Kmart, Xoandre was asked to create a flyer to promote the 30th anniversary of the retail location’s grand opening.

Using the designated fonts and design specifications of the Human Resources manager, and the Kmart logo with permission of the District Manager, we created the following poster and flyer, that were posted on the doors and handed out at the cash registers.

These designs increased sales volume by 20% for the entire weekend of this Kmart location.


8×10 Poster



8×5 Hand-Out Flyer

In My Eyes – Book Publication

Xoandre Moats is the Managing Designer at Krak’d E’rth Productions. For many years, he has written poetry, designed graphics, and attempted to get his poetry published.

With the advent of and their publication workspace, Xoandre found an affordable and liberating option for printing books.

We at Krak’d E’rth Productions worked with Xoandre to develop and edit his first book of poetry, Midnight Reflections. From then on, it has been a delight in publishing his other works, Murmurings of the Heart, Myths & LegendsNeurotic Delirium  and the latest book: Nightmares & Ice Cream. All books are available globally in Print, in eBook format for Kindle, and soon to be available in Audio.

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Xoandre continues to work on his series, with over 400 poems in his growing collection. Currently slated are a total of 11 books of Poetry, 1 fiction novel, an autobiography, and a screenplay.

The series is printed under the Krak’d E’rth Productions banner and mark a tremendous step in bringing our brand to the world.